“Let everyone be as they are.” Adyashanti

“Let everyone be as they are.” Adya said this to me almost 4 years ago at the end of a conversation with him. I am continually learning what this means. After he said this, he brought his hands over his heart and said “bless you heart’. What a gift to have teachers that guide us to the Truth within.


My deepest gratitude to all that give us the space to Be That Which WE ARE in all of our Human-ness if there is such a word. Or I could say…. my deepest gratitude to my teachers, friends, and family that give us the space to acknowledge whatever arises and hold us in Love when things present themselves that we’ve hidden from for so many years.

My deepest gratitude for ‘something here’ that gives acknowledgement for all the pain I have hidden and run from the last 35 years…

wow…. i’ve talked about hellish experiences and stories of childhood for all these years, but never was connected to the feeling sense of it all…. Just up in my head… which is ok as well. It is how i survived. The body is releasing, opening……. so much held in, no blame… just a letting go… ahh yes! as i say in my yoga classes……

perhaps when all is met within, the stories loose their force to consume our attention?

Let myself be as I am! Let myself be a human and stop trying to be some super spiritual blah blah blah concept of something other than what I am….!!!!! What am I without all the conditioning?

received this wonderfully timely quote today in an email.

“Stop being who you think you are, and be who you Are. Let yourself know what you already know.” — Adyashanti


“In the heart of a human being,

emptiness becomes love.

When we touch that Source,

instantly the love is present.

Literally, the divine becomes human

and the human becomes divine. ” © Adyashanti




This picture says it all. Adya has it at his retreats usually. A person in the US. drew it, I am sorry I don’t know the name of the artist. But deep gratitude to YOU – whoever YOU ARE. © the artist.

Here I go repeating myself. But hey thats the nature of the human mind isn’t it! All these years as a ‘striving yogi’ I always thought and believed that the human-ness we were supposed to get rid of, suppress, hide from, you name it. My God just don’t express it!



What JOY ! Touch the Source……….

……..What a relief!

Check it our for yourself!!!! even for 1/4 of a second!