The Holy Grail

Dear Journeyer,

Have you made love to empty
and soulless things for too long?

I know that you get a little crazy
when you have not paid attention
to the Heart inside you heart
and like a man in the desert
dying of thirst
you see things
that aren’t really there.

If your heart is thirsty for Love and God
then turn around now and
go back to where you came from
back to the simple ground of your origin
inside the inside of this
flowering and Radiant Emptiness.
© Adyashanti from My Secret is Silence.

Hey, we are all questing for the holy grail in our own ways don’t you think?

Scootie looking for his  elusive holy grail - a fish.

This is my dog Scootie looking for his Holy Grail – a frog.

Honestly, I’d probably be dead now if it wasn’t for all the so called spiritual seeking.

Even though the seeking didn’t ‘get ‘ the me‘ anywhere…hohohoho….it kept the body alive. As well as created a huge ‘ spiritual ego’. (that is not what i had consciously intended) Humbling.

The spiritual search can still be an escape like drinking alot of beer and tranquilizers…it just doesn’t wreck the body. I’ve come to see that much of what I’ve done in life are things that numb life….whether so called spiritual or otherwise. Everything is meant to give us temporary relief from feeling ourselves and really being here….. wild eh!!! We’re becoming ‘One’ with our escapes. Even a good movie helps us forget our life for a few hours. I love movies – I do it all the time myself except when I don’t.

Its all over the world…. look for yourself…….check it out……what do you spend your free time ‘doing’? Do you blob out in front of the TV every night for hours ‘letting the TV think for you because it is the only thing you can think to do to get a break?”

What do you want a break from? What do I want a break from?

My thoughts, feelings and the pain inside?

When we start to suffer, it tells us something
very valuable. It means that we are not seeing
the truth, and we are not relating from the truth.
It’s a beautiful pointer…it never fails.
© Adyashanti from My Secret is Silence.

It is like I have lived most of this life on some level trying to escape it and the world supports the escaping.

What if I STOP and turn around.

Your intrinsic nature is still as pure and clear
as it was before you ever took this birth.
If you would just turn your attention away from
the various trance-inducing states created
by your mind and realize the intrinsically
innocent and pure nature of the unseen seer,
you would at once experience a great relief
and freedom. © Adyashanti from My Secret is Silence.

True honesty – True Truth – Satya- is radically intense. Oh my God, on a relative level , how often every day do you not speak the truth out of fear or don’t even listen inside yourself to the Truth that is being quietly whispered to YOU? Radical Honesty.

Is most of humanity afraid of really BEING alive?

Maybe we can simply notice and drop into the great relief and freedom that is already HERE underneath everything.

This blogging thing for me – is like teaching myself. As I write, it helps to come to the space of ‘great relief’.

Thank- YOU and my deepest Gratitude to ‘the great relief ‘ .

Hey what if instead of calling IT the Holy Grail back in time, they had called it