Joy in the creating!

Immersed in making my muscle and joint heaven cream! So many people seem to be wanting it that I’m taking it as a sign to get cracking and make a pile for Christmas! When I am in the process of making the creams and lip balm, there appears to be a stillness underlying…… a steady stream of space…. not that that makes any sense… I just know that I can’t make the creams, tea or lip balm if the energy isn’t right. Don’t know how else to put it. Must be moved by something other than this mind here. The mind slows down as I one thing happens at a time…… aaahhh yes! JOY, LOVE and GRATITUDE make these creations! Thanks oh great green universe that grows outside my door!

Form is a sacrament and the formless its benediction. Adyashanti

Consistant energy seems to be coming through this morning. I made 40 tubes of spearmint/peppermint organic lip balm and 27 jars of muscle and joint heaven. Don’t think I’ve ever done so much in a day! Sure smells good around here.

Check out these beautiful nettles. I used nettle leaves to colour the spearmint/peppermint lip balm a slight green.


Selflessness arises out of the realization that you are the world and much more as well. All arises within you and is an expression of you. Adyashanti

Love seems comes through this form in the creating of these creations. I know that the conceptually the love is always here, but I have attachment to diferent expressions of doing I suppose. Would be nice to notice the LOVE 24/7.