I have 3 children ages 9 – 22. Been into many things, explored all sorts of spiritual forms thinking they will help me get ‘somewhere’ , but really living with kids and a family is the real sadhana. Can’t escape human patterns for for too long with children and young adults around. They tell it like it is.

I have been organizing yoga retreats for over 25 years annually, this year i resigned in the that role, or at least I tried to resign. Interesting process. Picture of me at the retreat this year, at my house, learning to RELAX and let things happen. I enjoyed being with the kids.. Can you see the fine silver hairs on the top of my head? I have earned those! Every one can tell a story of its own. Why get rid of them! Learning to live from the space underneath the story of my life….

‘ REST and be Taken’ as Adya suggests

love love love

I’m having fun with this blog thing….


3 Responses to “Lakshmi”

  1. spiritualtravelman Says:

    Lakshmi, I’m so glad you commented on my blog. I have already read a bunch of your posts and I can’twait to read more. I look forward to learning from you.

  2. Kelly Lance Says:

    I love you so much… because you’re (crazy) in the best way… I am so glad that you are! 🙂 It is really inspiring for me to read your words, hear your words, feel you realness, sincerity… it makes my ‘blood flow more fluently’ because that’s what realness does I guess. This is what I want. No bullshit or lies or twist and turns of the mind. Just what I am. In Truth. Why not???? Sincere love for you.

  3. Wonderwandeling Says:

    The radiance all over you tells me that there is nothing to gain anymore because you already lost everything. Blessings and love, Christine.

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