Inspiration by Lynda Cole

You are an inspiration … in the journey to discover your truth, you have seen, if only momentarily, through the apparent burden of anything from the past. This seeing-through requires vulnerability and courage. You have seen through the clouds to the pure, open sky.
In these effortless moments we see clearly that what we have been yearning for is always and already present. True nature has found us.
You are an inspiration because I know it requires a courageous willingness to be conscious, seeing through the illusion that we are separate individuals while simultaneously celebrating the gifts of our humanity. In this willingness is the potentiality to transform not only ourselves but all of humanity, awakening to the realization that we are one and the same.

…. Now, go and have some fun!

© Lynda Cole

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Healing is Being

What is healing is not working on yourself;
what is healing is being yourself.
Thinking fear should be gone brings more fear;
thinking anger should be gone brings more anger.
Without a gatekeeper, the world
chirps and buzzes, laughs and weeps,
and lives in peace.
Rain lasts for a morning, or a season,
and is gone.
The sun is always present in the highest heaven,
yet clouds are not unwelcome.
The tiny white flower in the never-seen thicket
blooms as itself without regret,
And the deer are not ashamed
by their need to run from harm’s way.

What is healing is not working on yourself;
what is healing is simply being yourself.
Effort is the Two;
judgment is the Two.
Truth appears in the moment
of its unfolding and is never of the mind.
What Is, is always Now.
Laugh or weep when it is time;
be big or small as the moment appears;
inhale when you inhale;
exhale when you exhale;
nature’s rhythms are never wrong.
Trust the wisdom of Being itself
living its life as you.
©Dorothy Hunt 2009

Dorothy’s website is if you’d like to explore more of her beautiful writings. Dorothy lives in California and came up to Aurora Ontario in 2009 to teach. It was a true blessing to be with her. Some day she’ll come back up to Aurora if the Truth draws her here. Enjoy the NEW YEAR – all of IT.

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