What is not doing anything? What is not striving, seeking, looking, wanting, needing, believing?

The whole grasping energy inside….. what is that? IS the grasping or clinging of a spiritual person clinging to the ‘idea’ of belief of God any different that the energy or grasping of a person wanting a new car to complete their life?

Feel inside and think of something that you want.. what does it feel like inside? Now think of a spiritual desire if you have any…. does the basic energy feel any different?

On spiritual paths, it is easy for people to think they are ‘better’ than others who are not on a spiritual path-  consciously or unconsciously.  Check inside and see.  OMG I grew a huge spiritual ego that fueled my life for years and got me ‘nowhere’ hohoho.

Pull out all the weeds and what remains?

2 Responses to “What?”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thank you, Lakshmi. Your thoughts are wonderful because they help me see that my path is not unusual or odd for a seeker. I stop seeking and KNOW?

    It is a long road. I love Adya and have learned so much from his presence in this world.

    Hope you will write more .


    • yeslakshmi Says:

      Hi Karen

      I haven’t written anything for ages… I was walking this morning and had the thought to start writing again… perhaps I will. I just hosted Dorothy Hunt, a teacher of Adya’s up here in Ontario this past weekend.
      take care

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