Christmas Day, what is it for YOU?

A ramble to myself from the Self.

I was driving to a friend’s house for a wonderful crepe breakfast this morning, Christmas Eve day, and was wondering about what does Christmas mean to me or other people? We take it for granted as a day to give gifts, see our families and eat a feast together. But is there anything more to it? I used to go to church regularly as a young adult, I was really into mystical Christianity. More like experience God rather than just believe in someone else’s ideas about God.

Winter Wonderland

At this point in my life, (30 years later), I see Christmas as an invitation to connect to let the love that IS here and be born more deeply in my everyday life, especially in relation to all my human-ness and conditioned ‘hell’ that I inherited and lived.

Go for it! Don’t hide anymore. I resonate with love in relationships, family, friends and teachers, but how about resonate with the LOVE that is silently witnessing THIS life………HERE NOW … inside? I see/feel love in another’s eyes…….. have i noticed the love coming out of THESE EYES? Can I allow myself the noticing…… of that LOVE that is LOOKING out of these eyes to turn in? Can I allow everything = all the ^%^%^%$ from God knows where……to Rest in the simplicity….. the Love under it all.

Merry Christmas ! Merry Truth! Merry the LOVE that could perhaps Simply ….BE … You !
May it blossom fully fully and more fully every moment of every day.