Human Being Human….or Human being Spiritual!

The LOVE which i have flown all over the world to sit at various teacher’s/guru’s feet is available right here – in everyone I meet, in my children, husband, students…. the distinction between human and spiritual is falling away…..

This is a note to my Self from my Self.


Yes to BEING HUMAN! Ever thought about the words ‘Human Being’ ? Who picked the word ‘being’ to go after ‘human’ ? I think they were smarter than most notice. How about meditate on the words ‘human BEING’ instead of a some sanskrit mantra some teacher thinks is going to give you salvation. Is it possible that the answer could be truly SIMPLE and already right here in our human-ness? DO we have to go to India (which i have done 3 times) on a spiritual quest, get sick, recite mantra, practice meditation, pranayam , asanas, rituals etc for year s on end… ultimately loosing site of the original goal….. just continuing to slave away at what i think or believe is important…….

How about starting where YOU ARE rather than for years trying to ‘get somewhere’, or be something else – that someone has told you you should strive for…. or fit a mold you read about in a so called spiritual book…or believe they all are smarter, know what is best, are holier and more pure and worthy than you and follow and imitate them as if you are a frigging grovelling idiot ?

I think i began treading the so called spiritual path due to not wanting to feel the pain that was threatening to explode inside…. I suppose there were other reasons.. but avoiding life i now realize was a big part of my ‘so called spiritual life’. You might think i sound kind of cynical or something… but it is more that i just don’t buy it all anymore….

I used to divide my life into – this is spiritual – that is not…. seems like…. I’m discovering what it is to BE in this human form….. if that makes any sense…. a big huge laugh…….Ok…. more is falling away and opening up.

It seems that as the fear drops away to simply feel and notice all that I’ve feared, love and compassion appears. Being spiritual is not separate from being human anymore….. meditating because I was trying to not feel the pain inside or because i was escaping into a trance state to help me not feel what is here is not the answer for me anymore. I know it is believed to be the answer for many, but I am discovering that the more human i allow myself to be, the more I drop into all that is feared, the more love appears.

In trying to be spiritual – I discounted or ignored what was truly here. Only for my whole life. What a hoot to discover. What a relief…. the jewel really always was here, is here…..

A tender flower delicately blooming, spreading open its petals… completely…simply…. expanding – discovering Love….Space Simply Being Human.

New eyes opening.


4 Responses to “Human Being Human….or Human being Spiritual!”

  1. Grillmaster Says:

    Your time is only wasted if you learned nothing!

  2. greatpoetrymhf Says:

    Your writing was/is a beautiful start to my day. What a gift you have been to my heart/soul/mind/body. Thank you. I am blessed to have been able to be in that moment with you. I shall return here often. This is so wonderful. Come for cyber tea?

  3. Meredith Says:

    I’ve just spent part of the day (while at work, naughty me) reading all the entries to date in your blog. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the cyberworld. Sometimes I can relate to what you are writing, other times I can be guided by your musings. What you blog is all part of my/your/everyone’s journey/path to the NOW, the Me, the space; and you have courage to try to express it here in words 🙂 While I am trying hard to not see you or anyone as a “teacher,” we all need some guidance/mentoring to nudge us in this direction, if this direction is a direction we need/are ready to take. So, I thank you for the nudges and the great, meaningful quotes from so many sources.

  4. Ben Says:


    I have to write you to Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for this post. I have read it multiple times and it reveals layers of truth within myself.

    When you wrote “avoiding life i now realize was a big part of my ’so called spiritual life” I knew I was busted. That is so true for me. I do it with spiritual techniques accumulated more than sitting at the feet of a guru, but it amounts to the same thing and that is the belief that I have not arrived, and I have to be or do something to get there wherever “there” is.. It is like the question “What is your drug of choice?” Affirmations, workshops, bhakti, etc.

    I am not saying anything is wrong with the above. There is whole different quality of consciousness when I approach these things from the standpoint of needing to escape something or find something better than what I am. I can also participate in these things as a celebration of what I am. Totally different quality all together I am beginning to see.

    So I am asking myself am I willing to be human and I am wondering if I have a clue about that? What I mean is am I willing to notice, experience, and allow the humanness of what is going on in the moment to be my entry to the real and authentic? I have experienced my humanness and human struggles as a perfect way to connect and have intimate, vulnerable, and real conversations that actually bring me to my self and others as my self… not separate.

    When you wrote “It seems that as the fear drops away to simply feel and notice all that I’ve feared, love and compassion appears.” It hit me that the most obvious thing might actually help me have some deep love and compassion for myself.

    What I loved about this post is that it is very real and authentic. I read so much that is establishing a goal or standard of spiritual attainment or it attempts to sound wise like every one is supposed to arrive at x destination.

    These are searching oriented statements are more about delaying what is here now as we are. They really are no different than what happens in any belief system. There is a goal and until you attain it or you are somehow “not there”. I think this is just a hook to keep us coming back for more, and may provide insights, but doesn’t finish the search.

    This is “finish the search” type writing which is why I love Adya as well.

    I love the realness of your writing and how I connect with that in myself. I am very grateful for your pointer that returns me to that part of myself.

    Please Write More Often and from that beautiful Humanness you discovered.

    Lots & Lots of Love!

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