“In the heart of a human being,

emptiness becomes love.

When we touch that Source,

instantly the love is present.

Literally, the divine becomes human

and the human becomes divine. ” © Adyashanti




This picture says it all. Adya has it at his retreats usually. A person in the US. drew it, I am sorry I don’t know the name of the artist. But deep gratitude to YOU – whoever YOU ARE. © the artist.

Here I go repeating myself. But hey thats the nature of the human mind isn’t it! All these years as a ‘striving yogi’ I always thought and believed that the human-ness we were supposed to get rid of, suppress, hide from, you name it. My God just don’t express it!



What JOY ! Touch the Source……….

……..What a relief!

Check it our for yourself!!!! even for 1/4 of a second!




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