“Enlightenment isn’t knowing, it is being.” ©Adyashanti


My God all these years I had assumed I knew what enlightenment was and strove towards it or so I thought in my blindness.



“The mind can’t tell you what is real.” ©Adyashanti


but the whole world sure thinks it can!


Enlightenment is just seeing things

the way they are. ©Adyashanti

Yeah,  the only problem is that we need to realize that we are ‘seeing’ through our

conditioning and the colour of everyones glasses are different.  Wow to truly ‘see’ things as they are!

One Response to “Enlightenment?”

  1. urbanmonkdiaries Says:

    Very nicely written.

    Its possible to see things the way they are, only when the illusion of being separated dissolves.

    its not as scary as people think it is. Its the most hilarious moment in one’s life – as its often accompanied by large doses of laughter.

    I guess that’s possibly the litmus test – if you haven’t laughed aloud at the discovery of your true nature, you haven’t experienced enlightenment.

    Worth looking forward to.

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